Black Lives Matter

What pain we have witnessed this week. What crushing and devastating injustice. We are seeing violence against Black communities increasingly revealed, but it is not new. It is the natural order of a system designed by white supremacy.

We must prepare for the increased backlash against the Black Lives Matter movement that will gather strength in response to the recent killings of Dallas police officers by a shooter unaffiliated with BLM. We must refuse to let this tragedy be twisted to vilify those fighting for safety for Black communities. We must refuse to allow Black Lives Matter to be painted as a violent and murderous movement by those who seek to destroy and discredit it. 

May the pain and grief of these deaths be a beacon. May it catalyze justice, may it make us to refuse to tolerate police murder of Black people with impunity. May it lead us to reject en masse a system of policing that is inherently corrupt. May it send ripples upon ripples, may it set us all to action, may we fight this crushing, widespread, institutionalized brutality that cannot be ignored.

Black lives matter.
Black lives matter.
Black lives matter.
Black lives matter.
Black lives matter.
Black lives matter.
Black lives matter.
Black lives matter.
Black lives matter.

We offer some compiled readings for this time, below, and this poem by AORTA member Autumn Brown.


*for Diamond Reynolds and her daughter

Smoke is rising from my fingers
My husband today
He treats me like a queen in my grief
He knows I am a queen
He winds me round with love
Because there is nothing else to be done
We birthed children, so we know
That the little girl is also a queen
She is trembling and maybe already by now
Painting pictures with her small hands
To make sense of it
I paint pictures in smoke
I can’t make sense of it
How is it that we are queens in blood
How is it that we are queens and we are violated
The little girl a queen
And her mother, too, a queen
Sucked into the earth
The earth, a shroud
The blood, a crown
The scream, called strength
We make demands with our keening
We give our bodies to be monuments
We make and unmake continuously
The little girl
She is learning to be made and unmade, continuously
She is learning just as all queens learn
Through blood.

-Autumn Brown

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with love and rage,