Headshot of Anna Krist, smiling in a black shirt against a wood wall.

Anna Krist

AORTA is delighted to count on Anna as a collaborator that we partner with regularly to provide top-notch facilitation, training, and consulting work to our clients.

Anna is a queer, mixed race Asian-American facilitator, organizer, and ceramicist based in Brooklyn, NY. As a consultant, they are committed to supporting individuals and groups in building sustainable, transformative movements for collective liberation.

Anna first came to organizing as a student, advocating for peer-led health education classes in high schools. These days, much of Anna’s work focuses on areas of mental health, prison abolition, and reproductive justice. They have spent years working in a range of nonprofits, collectives, and service providers, gaining insight into the many ways in which movement organizations can thrive and struggle. As a facilitator, Anna brings a keen sense of clarity and humor to guide groups through learning and decision-making. They are passionate about peer-to-peer learning and frequently collaborate with members of their community to deepen their political education and skill-building. Before working as a consultant, Anna held roles at the Center for Court Innovation, where they developed and implemented programs that help people avoid criminal prosecution, and at the ACLU’s Reproductive Freedom Project, where they supported state and federal litigation for the expansion of reproductive healthcare access.

Anna is currently part of a collective that provides informal mental health services for people of color. They were also previously a member of the Reproductive Justice Leadership Institute, where they facilitated community forums and public workshops around healthcare access in Asian communities in NYC. In their spare time, Anna enjoys creating functional pottery, baking lemon desserts, and reading speculative fiction. For more about Anna’s work, please visit annakrist.com.