AORTA offers our services on a wide sliding scale. Our sliding scale is an intentional effort to distribute resources equitably between organizations we work with, including universities, nonprofits, cooperatives, and grassroots community organizations; as well as to support and strengthen groups doing strategic movement-building work. Paying at the higher end of the scale—the Movement Supporter rate—makes it possible for AORTA to work with grassroots organizations at little to no cost to them.

Day rates per trainer, including up to 5 hours of prep and follow-up (Not including travel, lodging, and per diem expenses)               


Your organization’s annual budget

Day rate

Solidarity Rate*



Full Cost



Movement Supporter Rate

$800,000 and higher

$3,500-5,000 and up


Hourly rates per trainer (Not including travel, lodging, and per diem expenses)

**Note that for work involving significant travel, we generally bill by the day**


Your organization’s annual budget

Hourly rate

Solidarity rate*



Full Cost



Movement Supporter Rate

$800,000 and higher

$250-350 and up

*Note that we consider additional factors beyond budget to determine whether an organization qualifies for our solidarity rate. Please see below FAQ for more details.


Is my organization eligible for your solidarity rates?

We prioritize our Solidarity Rate for organizations that are doing movement building work and/or work to build a solidarity economy, and are led by communities of color, immigrants, and/or working class and poor people.

We appreciate your understanding that we are rarely able to offer our solidarity rate for work that requires significant travel. Some organizations address this by partnering with allied local groups to co-host a training and share costs, or by connecting AORTA with other local organizations that may also want to hire us. We are happy to hear from you and discuss options. If we can't make it work, we'll do our best to refer you to an organization or trainer who might be a good fit.

What does the full cost rate cover?

The Full Cost Rate is the actual cost of our work. This is the range that covers the costs we incur as a business while working with you. Because we are a worker-owned cooperative business and not a 501c3, we do not receive grants to subsidize our client work. We rely on our fee-for-service income to pay our salaries and keep our business operating. For a full breakdown of where this income goes, see our transparent expenses below.

Day rates include the cost of a full day of facilitation or training, plus up to 5 hours of preparation or follow-up work. If more substantial preparation or follow-up is required, we bill for additional hours at an agreed-upon hourly rate.

But…[my organization has a large budget but it mostly goes to direct service work; we’re a student organization at a well-funded university but can’t pay at the high end of the scale; we want to hire you for one million hours of consulting but need a discounted hourly rate]…are your rates negotiable?

These rates are guidelines. We understand that large organizational budgets don’t always mean lots of money available for training and consulting. If you are unable to pay within the range suggested for your organization but still feel that you are a good fit for AORTA’s services, let us know and we will negotiate if possible. For contracts that include over 25 hours of consulting, a lower hourly rate may be negotiated.



Since AORTA’s founding in 2010, our revenue has been generated almost entirely through the training, consulting, and facilitation work that we do with clients. We do accept donations, but this income is negligible, and we have intentionally chosen a business model that does not rely on grants or donations. To learn more about why we are so passionate about the worker-owned cooperative model, please visit our friends at the U.S. Federation of Worker Coops:

Below is a breakdown of how we use the fee for a $3,000, day-long training. Any payment for reimbursed expenses (travel, meals, lodging, etc.) goes directly toward reimbursing our workers for those expenses.


Dollar amount

Percentage of total





Calculated hourly, AORTA members are paid between $17-$32. Our average wage is $23/hr.





We currently offer dental, a small health cash benefit, and hope to offer retirement and other benefits soon.





We currently carry workers comp and general liability insurance.


Legal & Accounting



We pay for tax filing, occasional help with bookkeeping, and legal advice from time to time.


Non-reimbursed Travel



Most of this goes toward travel to conferences and our annual in-person retreat. (The one time each year we all get to see each other in person!)


Other Operating Expenses



This includes supplies, software, office equipment, payroll fees, office space, and other overhead.