AORTA Points of Unity

We recognize that our process is political. We strive to enact and model our principles and vision through our process.

We support the existence of democratically run, non-hierarchical communities, organizations, cooperatives and collectives.

We recognize there are many forms of privilege and oppression, and that they intersect. We embrace the interconnectedness of our liberation. We believe all topics need to be addressed from an intersectional lens. This is always a part of what we offer.

We value resource sharing amongst other anti-oppression organizers.

We contribute to a just political network by directly linking resources and services with the communities that need them.

We understand intergenerational work to be a key part of movement building. We nurture intergenerational practices that bring together children, youth, adults and others.

As humans, we embody both the systems of oppression that we live in and the strength and resilience of our communities. We will be forgiving of each other and create space for honest, deep engagement and healthy communication, both within AORTA and within broader movements.

We value intimacy, depth, and trust in our work together and intentionally keep AORTA small in order to support this.

The work is not the workshop. Training is one piece of a broader movement building process that requires many different types of work from community organizing to direct action to art creation and beyond.

Personal and organizational change are interconnected. Our work will involve analysis and development at both individual and organizational levels.

Our work is movement building. We are intentionally and strategically building alliances, relationships and networks between varied organizations within our movement. This involves constant work at the individual, organizational, and structural level.

We believe care for self, others, and community is crucial to sustainable organizing. We will make extraordinary efforts to support mental, emotional, and physical health and well being. We support each other in creating realistic work loads and stepping back as needed in order to sustain long-term organizing.

We stand in alliance with struggles that uphold collective liberation and cooperation. These struggles are grounded in racial, gender, economic, environmental, and disability justice; trans and queer liberations; anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist politics.

We believe that individuals and organizations can be transformed. Significant change comes slowly and requires work. The changes that happen quickly are often superficial or temporary. Deep changes come after resistance, denial, and pain have all been worked through.

We work with groups that are both targets and agents of oppression while recognizing that we all hold multiple identities and positions within interlocking systems of oppression and privilege.

We recognize that uprooting and understanding systems of oppression is a continual process. Therefore, we maintain a commitment to constantly challenging and building our social justice and political analysis.

Core skills in organizational operations, development, and growth are an important part of our training menu, alongside analysis and political education. We incorporate an anti-oppression analysis into all the workshops that we offer.

We prioritize longer workshops over shorter workshops because we want to allow for depth of analysis, strategies, and relationship building.

We assume our own power, and maintain our humility. We honor our elders, political ancestors, and contemporaries.

We believe in the importance of leadership development to support long term efforts. We need as many leaders as possible. We prioritize the development of leadership among youth, communities directly impacted by injustice, and historically oppressed communities.