Autumn Brown

Autumn Brown is a mother, organizer, theologian, artist, and facilitator. The youngest child of an interracial marriage, rooted in the complex lineages of counter-culturalism and the military industrial complex, Autumn is a queer, mixed-race woman who identifies closely with her African, European, and white lineages, and a gifted facilitator who grounds her work in healing from the trauma of oppression.

She was a founding member of the Rock Dove Collective, a radical community health exchange active in New York City from 2006-2012, and she serves on the national Board of Directors of the Common Fire Foundation. Autumn brings over 10 years of experience facilitating organizational and strategic development with community-based and movement organizations, and training organizers in Consensus Process, Facilitation, and Racial Justice. She has taught and presented in many places across the country, as well as internationally. She has facilitated with the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, Slow Food USA, Bard College and WE ACT for Environmental Justice, among many others.

Most recently, Autumn served as the Interim Executive Director of RECLAIM!, a Minnesota nonprofit that increases mental and integrative health support so LGBTQ youth may be free of oppression in all its forms. Prior to that, Autumn was the Executive Director of the Central Minnesota Sustainability Project, a grassroots Minnesota-based environmental and food justice organization.

A graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, Autumn has also completed specialized study in Theology at Oxford University and the General Theological Seminary of New York. She is a speculative and creative non-fiction writer, and has published her essay work via for 8 years. Most recently she has been published in Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements (AK Press, 2015) and Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines (PM Press, 2016). She lives in the Avon Hills of the great state of Minnesota with her partner, three brilliant children, a large and ridiculous dog, and many birds and other forms of wildlife.

You can contact Autumn at: autumn(at)aorta(dot)coop