We provide consulting in a wide range of areas, from capacity-building to collective liberation, all toward the end goal of helping organizations transform to be better aligned with their social justice vision and values.


Creating a strategic plan is one of the most effective tools for moving your work forward and remaining in alignment with your organizational vision. AORTA can support and facilitate collective visioning and strategic planning processes, working with you to clarify your group’s guiding vision and developing strong goals, objectives, workplans, and timelines.


Many of the groups that reach out to us are craving institutional change that goes beyond anti-oppression workshops and trainings. An organizational assessment and transformation process is a consulting strategy that AORTA has developed for groups that are ready to embark on a path of focused work to align their policies, practices, and culture with their social justice vision and values. It includes an anti-oppression audit of the organization, a report with written recommendations, and facilitated sessions for education and strategizing to move forward. This process can be scaled up or down depending on the size of the organization and the scope of work; it is an intensive process that supports lasting organizational change on multiple levels. For more detailed information on this process, please get in touch!


Strong policies build healthy organizations! AORTA can work with you to help you develop policies that guide and strengthen your work and reflect your values as an organization. We’ve supported organizations to create policies around hiring, conflict resolution, grievance processes, sick and vacation time, evaluations, and more. Support can range from one-on-one consulting to facilitated group visioning and decision-making processes.


Part of what we offer is not only facilitation, but support in creating agendas that are mostly likely to lead a group towards success. We draw on tools that focus on how we do the work we do in meetings, not just what the work is. Our agendas are active, engaging, and aim to get more accomplished in less time. In addition to creating agendas for meetings and retreats, we can work with you to create curriculum for workshops that your organization will be doing in-house.


AORTA offers a range of additional types of consulting, from human resources to staff support to developing points of unity for your organization. We can work with you to help you determine what kind of support would be most useful for a particular organization or circumstance – get in touch!