Black Lives Matter.

What pain we have witnessed this week. What crushing and devastating injustice. We are seeing violence against Black communities increasingly revealed, but it is not new. It is the natural order of a system designed by white supremacy. 

Our Response to the Pulse Shooting in Orlando

We are an organization of queer people who are devastated and in grief over the mass shooting at Pulse in Orlando. This was an attack on queerness, on queer and trans people of color specifically. Our rage is a queer rage. Our love for our community, for the victims and survivors of this tragedy, is a queer love.

Please join us in welcoming Autumn Brown to AORTA!

Autumn is the third and final new AORTA member - she joined us in March 2016! Below is her introduction in her own words.

Spring 2016 News: Babies, Climate Change, Recent Trainings, and More!

In this edition of AORTA's quarterly newsletter, read about what we've been up to, including:

Mid-Atlantic Co-op Workshops Dec 11th! Hiring and Peer Evals

Two Workshops to Grow Stronger: for co-ops and democratically run organizations

Now booking for fall and spring semester trainings on college campuses!

Attention student groups! Get in touch if you're interested in bringing AORTA to your campus. We do a wide range of trainings tailored to the groups we work with - check out this info sheet for more details!

Happy summer from AORTA!

Our spring/summer newsletter is out - check it out here!

Check out our first quarterly newsletter!

Hello friends! We are back from our midwinter hibernation and better than ever. We just released our first quarterly newsletter - check it out HERE.

AORTA in light hibernation mode Nov-Dec 2014

Announcement! AORTA is going into light-hibernation for the months of November and December 2014 for reasons of health, new babies, and educational pursuits! Our worker owners in the Bay Area, Austin, and New York will be taking a breather, while Philadelphia will be going strong.

AORTA in Oakland Local article on Oakland's solidarity economy

Check out this article featuring AORTA and many of our worker co-op friends!

“We just wouldn’t exist if co-ops didn’t support each other,” said Kiran. This is at the core of what it means to be part of the solidarity economy. Coops support each other, because doing so is an extension of the values that brought them together in the first place, and because it strengthens the network that supports them.