Mid-Atlantic Co-op Workshops Dec 11th! Hiring and Peer Evals

Two Workshops to Grow Stronger: for co-ops and democratically run organizations

Register by noon on Monday, Dec 7th to guarantee a spot.
Workshops are Friday, Dec 11th at the Leeway Foundation Community Room: 1315 Walnut #832, Philadelphia, PA
Brought to you by AORTA.
Register here.
Hiring: Building the Team You Want, 10am-1pm
Hiring offers an exciting opportunity for staff to assess its strengths and needs, and improve the team. A thoughtful hiring process can help to build alignment and strengthen the team you currently have, while also supporting you in finding new people to grow your co-op or organization. Staff success depends on how well each member fulfills a role and how deeply the team coheres. To identify the best applicant that fits, the job announcement should clearly communicate the expectations for the position and consider how the new hire will integrate into your team. This workshop will cover: organizing and outlining your hiring process; lawful and unlawful pre-employment questions and practices; building a criteria-based approach to help you understand your business needs, assess fairly, and prevent discrimination and bias in your hiring process; reading and assessing resumes, cover letters, and applications with an awareness of power and bias; developing interview questions that get you the information you need to assess who is the best fit; best practices in conducting interviews; models for conducting democratic hiring processes in groups; first steps in integrating new members
Peer Evaluations: Getting Better Every Year, 2pm-5pm
What would it be like to look forward to your evaluation each year? Unfortunately, too many people have had negative experiences with evaluations; without intentional design, evaluations end up as places where conflict is caught or escalated, complaints are shared without solutions for growth, or a co-worker's feelings get hurt. Instead, a strong and healthy evaluation system can strengthen communication, prevent conflict, decrease turnover (from biases around race and gender etc), help hold people accountable to the group, and create a culture of growth and mutual support. Join us to build your skills in: assessing your co-op’s or organization’s needs regarding evaluations; building buy-in, trust, and a willingness to engage in the process; developing your evaluation form and process from a needs-based approach; training your team in how to evaluate: what to consider and how to avoid common pitfalls; understanding how unconscious bias around race, gender, etc. impacts people’s evaluations; synthesizing evaluations for growth
From 1-2pm, lunch will be catered by W/N W/N, a worker co-op cafe (winwincoffeebar.com). It's only $12!
Access Information
The location is ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible. There is an all-gender, single stall bathroom available. We will be running air filters in the space throughout the day. We are sorry, but we will not be providing interpretation for this event.

Please join us in ensuring acessibility for community members with chemical sensitivity and chronic illness by not wearing fragrances or scents on your body or clothes from perfumes, scented laundry detergent, hair and body products, and essential oils. You can prepare in advance by not using products with fragrance or scents, and by using fragrance free, non-toxic products. If this is new for you, here are a couple resources on how to be scent reduced and scent free: http://www.peggymunson.com/mcs/fragrancefree.html and http://www.brownstargirl.org/blog/fragrance-free-femme-of-colour-realness-draft-15

The suggested fee for this workshop is $100, $60-$120 sliding scale. If you are part of a well-funded organization we ask that you pay at the higher end of the sliding scale. This allows participants from lower resourced organizations to attend and pay at the bottom of the sliding scale. Please bring your payment with you (cash or checks made out to AORTA).
To ensure a spot, please register by noon on December 7th. You can register at aorta.coop and If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out in Google Forms.