Please join us in welcoming Autumn Brown to AORTA!

Autumn is the third and final new AORTA member - she joined us in March 2016! Below is her introduction in her own words.
Hello good people! I am humbled and honored to join AORTA as the newest worker owner candidate! I just started on March 14th, and already I feel embraced in love, care, and community. As I begin to understand the breadth and depth of AORTA’s work, I am grounding into the incredible responsibility we have to social justice movements, especially at this tumultuous and historical moment, as intermediaries, facilitators, educators, and healers.
I come to AORTA with over 10 years of experience facilitating organizational and strategic development with community-based and movement organizations, training organizers in Consensus Process, Facilitation, and Racial Justice. My particular lens in this work is focused on the historical and intergenerational trauma of structural oppression, and activating our innate and boundless capacity to heal and transform when we have the experience of holistic processes that account for ALL of our intelligences. I am excited to bring my gifts to AORTA, and to in turn learn from the amazing, highly skilled, and creative beings who already make up the constellation of the cooperative. And because I am based in Minnesota, I am also prepared to increase AORTA’s presence and resources in the Midwest!
I am a speculative and visionary fiction writer, and I believe deeply that radical social justice work is inherently imaginative. It requires us to take risks, to believe in each other, and to be willing to see each other anew as we transform. I am ready to be in relationship with all of you in the broader AORTA community, I am excited to be embraced by you, and I invite you to continue loving, holding, and bearing to AORTA’s important work, as we transform together!
Be well~
Read Autumn's bio here, and feel free to send any Midwest regional work our way! As always, to hire AORTA, please reach us at