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16 December 2013

by Char Booth

Review of Lydia Pelot-Hobbs' Work

Mapping Water's Role in New Orleans, the 'Unfathomable City'

Review published by Next City, 11/15/1013, 11:50 AM

By Sarah Goodyear


We are so excited to be doing our 5th tour of the Pacific Northwest in October 1st-30th! We're visiting Portland, Olympia, Belingham, Seattle, and Vancouver & Victoria, BC. We look forward to seeing what transformations are afoot with projects we've worked with before AND are so excited to meet new communities, comrades, and organizations.


The summer conference season is coming to an end and AORTA is wrapping up and bringing closure to all the incredible work done throughout the last few months. We played major roles MC-ing and facilitating at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, ReRoute Conference in Manhatten, and the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy (ECWD) in Philadelphia!

AORTA at Allied Media Conference

Pacific Northwest: Now booking for tour Mar 27-Apr 14!

Dear beloveds in the Pacific Northwest! We are pleased to announce that kiran and Jenna will be returning your way for a Spring tour. We are now booking workshops, consulting, facilitation, and mediation for Olympia, Portland, Seattle, Bellingham, Vancouver, and anywhere (easily) in between! Please get in touch if you'd like to coordinate a public workshop in your town, or bring us in to work with your organization, collective, or co-op. And keep your eyes on our calendar, where we'll be posting public workshops as they confirm! Tour dates: March 27-April 14th. See you soon!

AORTA member Jenna speaks out about recent FBI raids in Pacific NW

AORTA member Jenna Peters-Golden is featured alongside Noam Chomsky and Michael Parenti, speaking on the recent FBI raids in the Pacific Northwest.

Says Jenna: "The recent FBI raids in the Pacific Northwest are thinly veiled tactics to enact state repression on left and radical thinkers and do-ers. These clear violations of civil rights follow in a long tradition of the state using fear and brute threats to keep us too afraid to vision, to dream, and to resist..."

AORTA at the U.S. Federation of Worker Co-ops conference (VIDEO)

Report and Video of AORTA member Jenna's PNW Tour

From March 5-12, AORTA Core Member/Trainer Jenna Peters-Golden was on a non-stop adventure in the Pacific Northwest! Her first stop was at Evergreen State College where she was brought by the amazing folks from F.I.S.T. (Feminists in Solidarity Together) to host three workshops: Power, Privilege and Oppression Fundamentals, Queer Liberation is Collective Liberation, and a Training for Trainers...