AORTA at the U.S. Federation of Worker Co-ops conference (VIDEO)

Report and Video of AORTA member Jenna's PNW Tour

From March 5-12, AORTA Core Member/Trainer Jenna Peters-Golden was on a non-stop adventure in the Pacific Northwest! Her first stop was at Evergreen State College where she was brought by the amazing folks from F.I.S.T. (Feminists in Solidarity Together) to host three workshops: Power, Privilege and Oppression Fundamentals, Queer Liberation is Collective Liberation, and a Training for Trainers...

AORTA holds it down at a castle in New Mexico with 200 international youth!

AORTA core member Tyrone Boucher was a featured speaker at the recent Activate! Conference put on by students at the United World College in New Mexico (a two-year high school for students from all over the globe), and had an amazing time! Read more about the conference on UWC-USA's student blog.

Your Action Needed: Support the National Cooperative Development Act!

Dear Friends and Allies in the Co-op and Economic Justice Movement,

This Thursday, December 15th, the National Cooperative Development Act will be introduced on the floor of the House of Representatives. Please act now to support its passage. There is more work to be done after it has been introduced, but we need support NOW!

Rocking Out with Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls

Who knew we could talk about racism, transgender justice and radical youth programming AND rock out so hard?! Well, luckily, now *we* nkow. Spending the first week of December with the staff and board of Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls was an eye opener and a pleasure. Team building, action planning and articulating anti-oppression values were just a few of the accomlishments that came out of this rock n' roll weekend. It was a sheer pleasure to be part of Willie Mae Rock Camp's journey to redefine girlhood!

AORTA Building Off NASCO Institute 2011

Over 150 participants attended AORTA workshops at this year's NASCO Cooperative Education and Training Institute! AORTA trainers facilitated a range of workshops, caucuses, and working groups including the Inter-Cooperative Committee on Privilege and Oppression (ICCOPO), Pop Media to Pop Ed workshop, the Cooperative Educators Training of Trainers, Institutionalized Patriarchy workshop, and Anti-Oppression Meeting Facilition training. AORTA is excited about continuing to build off this weekend for social justice and a solidarity economy.

AORTA Member Lydia Pelot-Hobbes Participates in Panel on Hate Crimes

AORTA core member Lydia Pelot-Hobbes represented AORTA at a panel on hate crimes at Louisiana State University Thursday, September 22nd. You can read the full story on the panel, as well as view a picture of Lydia in action, here.

Now Available: report back from Deconstructing Ableism workshop

Check out this great report back from kiran's day-long training for Kalamazoo Collective Housing, Deconstructing Ableism: (dis)ability and housing. Comes complete with videos and resources from the workshop! <3

AORTA Retreat in Action!

From July 12-15, AORTA members are evaluating, strategizing, and learning together at their organization retreat in West Philadelphia. Together they are developing new five-year goals, creating new stuctures, and planning for the upcoming year. Look out for updates as we move forward!