Sara Yukimoto-Saltman

AORTA is delighted to count on Sara as a collaborator that we partner with regularly to provide top-notch facilitation, training, and consulting work to our clients.

Sara Yukimoto-Saltman is a mixed-race, Asian-American (Nisei Japanese and Anti-Zionist Jewish) facilitator, educator, and artist born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai’i on Kanaka Maoli land. As a consultant, Sara is committed to supporting individuals and groups through transformation in order to build emergent and sustained movements for collective liberation.

Sara first became politicized as a student organizer in St. Paul, Minnesota, rallying around the retention of adjunct faculty and staff of color. Since then, she has spent the last decade engaged in consciousness building through education in various settings including grant-based popular education spaces, writing centers, and schools. Most recently, Sara served as a founding teacher at an all-girls and gender expansive highschool, where she helped to establish the school’s Ethnic Studies department and develop a youth-led community archival project currently housed at the Weeksville Heritage Center. Her many years as an educator have honed her ability to craft engaging learning experiences that draw people in to reflect and envision just futures. Sara is also a graphic recorder, utilizing artistic recordings as a tool for liberation work. 

Sara approaches her work with warmth, rigor and a dedication to supporting people through individual and collective transformation. This skillset has been strengthened through her work as a birthworker. In addition, Sara organizes as a part of a peer counseling collective to provide informal mental health care for people of color in the form of sliding scale peer counseling services. Her experiences organizing in a non-hierarchical, consensus based collective have deepened her interest in supporting other groups and movements to create values-aligned, sustainable structures to support their own organizing work. 

Sara currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. For more about Sara’s work, please visit