kiran nigam

Oakland, CA

Based in Oakland, kiran nigam is an educator, facilitator, and artist with roots in California, Michigan, Iowa and Uttar Pradesh. Politicized through the Riot Grrrl movement in the mid-90s, kiran coordinated women's empowerment festivals and organized district- and county-wide for the right to high school gay straight alliances.

After living in the Berkeley Student Co-ops, kiran worked as the Director of Education and Training for NASCO, where she facilitated workshops for housing cooperatives across the US and Canada. Kiran spent three years teaching at a democratically run school, and has served on the Boards of NASCO and the US Solidarity Economy Network. She was a participant in the Cooperation Works! week-long training on the Art and Science of Cooperative Business Development. In 2010, kiran was inducted into the NASCO Cooperative Hall of Fame for her contribution and commitment to cooperative education and training.

Passionate about building healthy and sustainable organizations, kiran loves facilitating organizational retreats, strategic planning sessions and longer camps and trainings that allow for deeper growth, strategizing, and skills development.

Kiran was a core organizer of the 2010 US Social Forum as co-chair of the national Program and Culture Working Group. Kiran has also organized cooperative educational conferences, including the National Worker Cooperative Conference and NASCO's Cooperative Education and Training Institute and Anti-Oppression Action Camp.

Kiran has presented at many conferences, events and campuses, including the University of British Columbia, Evergreen College, the Rouge Forum, and the Philly Stands Up Transformative Justice and Sexual Assault Action Camp.

You can contact kiran at: kiran(at)aorta(dot)coop