Webinar Part Three: When We Fight We Win! Building the Rebel Alliance

In the third and final chapter of our Multiply and Mobilize webinar series, we dig deep into how we can be leveraging this political moment to build strong and effective alliances across difference for collective liberation.  

Join us for conversations about how do we turn political threats against us into movement building opportunities? What can we do to set up our organizations to welcome in new people? How do we move people from one time actors to long-term alliance builders? And, how can we create and deepen alliances to move from silos to solidarity? Plus, a really awesome dialogue about what Star Wars has to teach us about alliance building to take down the empire!

Step One!

Prior to viewing the third webinar, we recommend checking out Part One and Part Two.

Step Two!

To get the most out of the next session, check out these suggested readings!

1. Long-time organizer and #BlackLivesMatter co-founder Alicia Garza shares wisdom on welcoming new people into our movements to build and win at this critical moment in her piece Our Cynicism Will Not Build a Movement. Collaboration Will.

“This is a moment for all of us to remember who we were when we stepped into the movement — to remember the organizers who were patient with us, who disagreed with us and yet stayed connected, who smiled knowingly when our self-righteousness consumed us.”

2. Chris Crass interviews DrewChristopher Joy, director of the Southern Maine Workers’ Center, about organizing white working class folks for racial and economic justice in rural and urban Maine.

“The SMWC strives to keep conversations about systemic racism at the forefront of our campaign work, underscoring links between the economic issues that directly impact our white working class communities and the oppressions faced by communities of color. The ultimate goal is to develop campaigns and leadership that can confront the realities of class-based economic injustice while working toward the potential of a multi-racial united front, and centering racial justice as integral to systemic change and collective liberation.”

3. And, if you have a bit more time, check out this detailed case study on how the Coalition for Choice in Albuquerque, NM was able to successfully fight back an anti-choice ballot initiative by centering women of color feminism and reproductive justice in their Respect ABQ Women Campaign.

Step Three!

Click here to view the recording.

Many many thanks to our three panelists, Morrigan Phillips, Terry Marshall, and Chris Crass!

Click here to download the slide deck presentation.

Step Four!

We also wanted to share some additional follow-up resources:

1. To learn more about the Black Mama’s Bail Out Action check out “A Labor of Love” written by SONG as well as former SONG co-director Caitlin Breedlove’s essay “5 Things White-Led Organizations Can Learn from the Black Mamas Day Bail Out Action.

2. Our handout, From Silos to Solidarity, provides discussion/reflection questions on building alliances based in a solidarity politic.

3. One of our panelists, Chris Crass, wrote this piece: "Lessons from the Rebel Alliance on the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars."


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