Celebrating Care: Spring Updates

We Believe that We Will Win

Dear community,

As we write this message, we are celebrating some amazing movement wins. Over 100 Black mothers were bailed out across the country in the Black Mamas Bailout Action conceived by Mary Hooks of SONG (Southerners on New Ground) and enacted by over 25 Black-led organizations. Political prisoners Chelsea Manning and Oscar Lopez Rivera were released from prison. Civil rights attorney Larry Krasner won the Democratic nomination for Philadelphia D.A. on a strongly progressive platform. These are incredible victories for movements fighting mass incarceration, cash bail, and other injustices wrought by prisons, courts, and policing.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, we are looking to the strength and resilience of caregivers of all kinds for lessons in organizing and movement building. We face dire opposition to liberation movements, and yet we continue to fight and care for our communities out of love and hope for the future. We’re inspired by organizing that is grounded in care and community, that makes space for children and care providers, that visions mothering, caregiving, and parenting as necessary and holistic work that goes beyond the nuclear family.

Read on for some further reading suggestions as well as news about AORTA and our projects!

Readings on kids, families, caregiving, and movement building:

We Made a Village for the Kids: Reflections on Prairie Fire Organizing Committee by Mickey Ellinger

Childcare Groups are Playing Key Role in Pushing Change and Fighting Trump by Sarah Lazare

Radical Brownies documentary: berets, badges, and social justice

SURJ Families resource page

This Mother’s Day, Black Lives Matter Activists Will Give More Than 30 Women Their Freedom by Dani McClain

Making Our Movements Work for Kids and Families by Frida Berrigan

How to Understand Mother as a Verb by Dani McClain

Also check out the excellent anthologies Revolutionary Mothering, Don’t Leave Your Friends Behind, and Rad Families.

Exciting project in the works!

AORTA is proud to be designing a design a Cooperative Financial Education Toolkit together with TESA (Toolbox for Education and Social Action), Open Bookkeeping, and ABC (A Bookkeeping Cooperative), and in collaboration with over a dozen project partners.

We are designing this toolkit to strengthen our economic justice and cooperative movements by supporting co-ops, collectives, developers, and other justice oriented groups to develop financial skills and financial systems steeped in anti-oppression and collective ideology. Our kit will be free and digitally downloadable, available in both English and Spanish, and center storytelling, media, and popular education training techniques.

We are looking for more partner and sponsor organizations to help make this happen!

You and your group can help by:

We will keep you updated on our progress!

Multiply & Mobilize

We had over 600 participants in our three-part webinar series! Here is some of the feedback we’ve received from participants:

“AORTA is brilliant at drawing together diverse stories that help us understand the historical context and political obstacles we face. Their work provides concrete examples and tools as well as inspiration for me to draw on in my social justice organizing.”

“I have great admiration and respect for AORTA – participatory webinars are no easy feat. The facilitators beautifully weaved in participants, guest speakers, testimonials, history, education, reflection, action. Love to y’all!”

“The webinar presented a compelling balance of deep analysis and storytelling. The “divide and conquer” tactic is so prevalent right now. It was good to name it and think through strategies to defy & work against this tactic.”

“The warmth, scholarship and dedication to penetrating conversation was really inspiring. I can’t wait until the next installment!”

If you missed it, you can find the recordings and resources here:

Part One: Narratives & Strategies for Resisting Divide & Conquer Tactics

Part Two: Understanding this Political Moment

Part Three: When We Fight We Win: Building the Rebel Alliance

Assessing our impact

We’re launching a short survey for our past clients to help us assess the impact of our work over time. If you’ve ever worked with AORTA, we invite you to give us feedback here. Your input is deeply appreciated!

Catch AORTA at summer conferences!

We’re excited to attend and present at the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy June 9-11 in NYC and the Allied Media Conference June 15-18 in Detroit. We hope to see you there!