Bex Kwan

Bex Kwan is a multimedia artist, organizer, social worker, and athlete who was born and raised in Singapore. Engaged in a lifelong process of undoing the effects of growing up in a Chinese supremacist culture, they are invested in creating loving movement spaces and consider deep friendship to be the basis of their work.

Bex first became politicized through queer and trans organizing for mental health care, and then later cut their teeth as a young organizer through anti-racist student organizing in social work graduate school. As the Senior Organizer at the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF), they worked on national, state, regional, and local reproductive justice campaigns and facilitated grassroots organizing trainings for young Asian women and gender non-conforming people. Currently, Bex is building a peer counseling collective to address mental health needs in the New York City Asian and Asian American community.

Bex’s organizing practice is inseparable from their creative practice. Their art making spans performance, poetry, and installation. They are an alumnus of EMERGENYC—the Hemispheric New York Emerging Performers Program and their solo performance work has been featured at La MaMa’s Squirts: Generations of Queer Performance, Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX), and many theaters and educational institutions around the United States. Most recently, Bex co-created Mooncake Collective, a new experimental art collaboration between queer Chinese artists unearthing secret histories of foreignness, family mythologies, and kinship in East Asian communities in the United States. Mooncake Collective has been selected for residencies with cultural institutions such as BRIC, The Trans Theatre Festival and BAX.

As a facilitator, Bex has worked with grassroots organizers, co-operatives, non-profits, and universities on political education, anti-oppression practices, conflict mediation, and strategic planning.  They bring a wholehearted belief in a group’s potential for learning and change. Formerly an educator in pre-schools, they love to create environments that inspire play and new possibilities while remaining grounded in a pursuit of systemic and cultural transformation. Bex has lived collectively for 8 years and is (proudly) a housing co-op nerd. They currently live in a housing co-op in Brooklyn, NY with many loved ones and their dog Kaya.

You can contact Bex at: bex(at)aorta(dot)coop