Kristin Schwab, Collaborator

AORTA is delighted to count on Kristin as a collaborator that we partner with regularly to provide top-notch facilitation, training, and consulting work to our clients.

A Philadelphia-area native, Kristin Schwab is passionate about building community, dismantling oppression, and working towards collective liberation. As a middle class woman of Irish, Pennsylvania Dutch, and German descent, she is deeply committed to uprooting white supremacy, redistributing wealth, and fighting for reparations.

In the late 1990s, Kristin became politicized at the Institute for Social Ecology and in movements against privatization and free trade. Her younger years were spent in the streets at protests, on the land growing food, and in restaurant kitchens paying the bills.  Her involvement in diverse movements of youth and adults working together to foster healthy and just communities through food inspires her work today.

Kristin directed the Youth Empowerment Program at the Urban Nutrition Initiative in West Philadelphia (now Sankofa Community Farm) from 2006 to 2013 and served on the Rooted in Community Advisory Council from 2010 to 2013. More recently, she organized the Philadelphia Area Cooperative’s 20 Book Clubs, 20 Cooperative Businesses Program and co-facilitated the Philadelphia Assembled Kitchen at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In addition to working with AORTA, she leads anti-oppression trainings for undergraduate students and faculty as a staff member at Goddard College.

Kristin brings over 15 years of experience building long-term leadership capacity within community-based and movement organizations, cooperative businesses, and schools. Her workshops and coaching facilitate collaborative decision-making, communication across difference, and analyses of systems of power. Her approach to facilitation is highly experiential and rooted in popular education.

Kristin holds a BA in Individualized Studies with a focus in popular education and solidarity economics from Goddard College. In 2016, Kristin was a recipient of the Leeway Foundation’s Art and Change grant and a participant in the Catalyst Project’s Anne Braden Anti-racist Organizer Training Program  for white social justice activists. When she is not working with AORTA, you can find Kristin cooking food for her friends, family, and neighbors. Nothing brings her more joy than feeding our movements for change and bringing people together around a love-filled meal.