Peer Evaluations: Getting Better Every Year

Created February 2015; Updated February 2016

Evaluations are a phenomenal way to grow and strengthen your co-op or organization annually, by supporting the growth of the individual members. When run well, evaluations can help to build group trust, grow a culture of direct and open communication, foster accountability and responsibility for actions and behaviors, and inspire and energize. They can also increase consistency and quality of products and services offered by the co-op and support the development of clearly articulated and documented expectations (if they are not already present).

This evaluations toolkit is specific to cooperatives but applicable to a wide range of workplaces. It covers the following topics:

  • Why Evaluate?
  • Steps to Creating or Refreshing Your Evaluation System
  • Presenting an Evaluations Synthesis
  • Common Evaluations Pitfalls
  • Evaluations, Gender and Race
  • Sample Peer Evaluation Form