Portrait of Wazi, a Black trans person wearing glasses, a pierced ear, a yam colored turtleneck, and a turquoise blazer.

Wazi Maret

AORTA has been partnering with Wazi Maret since 2019 to provide incredible support to our clients in the form of caucus facilitation, strategic planning, conflict support, and more.

Wazi is an award-winning creative entrepreneur and inclusion strategist currently based in Brooklyn, NY. With a background in community organizing and social justice movements, Wazi has more than 9 years of training experience and has played a number of roles to help advance the rights and opportunities for Black transgender, non-binary, queer, intersex, people of color and more. As a trainer, Wazi provides many levels of education to businesses that wish to grow in the areas of racial, gender equity, and/or diversity and inclusion. He has advised groups including Race Forward, the Center for Social Inclusion, Planet, Levis, and more. In 2018 he co-founded his small business, Tender Bois Club: music and creative production house, where he continues his work in multimedia storytelling and social impact. As a Black trans creative from Hyattsville, MD—also from a mixed race family with Southern and working class roots—Wazi comes to the work with many unique perspectives and utilizes divergent thinking to process and build ideas into meaningful projects. To learn more about Wazi’s work, visit www.wazimaret.com