Webinars and Remote Facilitation

While we prefer to facilitate in person, sometimes web-based content is a better fit for organizations whose members are geographically dispersed or for whom facilitator travel costs are prohibitive. If your group meets primarily via video call, you can still hire AORTA to facilitate meetings, planning processes, or conversations remotely.
We are also able to facilitate some workshop content remotely, either by using video projection to work with groups who are together in person, or by utilizing a webinar format so that participants can join from wherever they are. Webinars can also be used as a compliment to other forms of work such as consulting and in-person training.
Remote facilitation isn’t the right fit for every kind of work, but we are happy to discuss your needs and figure out what is possible. Please be in touch if you’re interested in an AORTA-led webinar or remote facilitation for your team!
We also offer public, sliding scale webinars (beginning at $0) to support strategy and praxis for movement building. Please see below for information about past and upcoming public webinars!

Past Webinars

Love the People: Building Power Through Sanctuary

Love the People is our three-part webinar series convened in February-March of 2018 that brings together storytellers who share their experiences with community-focused responses to interpersonal and systemic violence. We cover interpersonal violence intervention in our homes and neighborhoods, defending our demonstrations and movement spaces, and community defense in our workplaces, in sanctuary and across our communities. We explore how to expand the concept of sanctuary and new ways to imagine community defense.

Multiply and Mobilize

Our first public webinar series, Multiply and Mobilize, was launched in Spring 2017 provides tools and strategies for organizing and resistance in the current political environment in the U.S. Access the recordings and accompanying resources here: