Anti-Oppressive Facilitation

Inefficient and ineffective meetings can leave people feeling drained, exhausted, or discouraged, rather than inspired and energized. Good meetings help build strong, effective organizations and successful projects.

2012 Annual Report

It's our first Annual Report!

Resource Zine, Spring 2014

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Highlights include:

  • What is facilitaion, anyway?
  • Tips, tools, techniques
  • Fighting the systems
  • The iceberg and titanic metaphors
  • Infiltration
  • Tactics for interrupting and change-making
  • Deconstructing abelism

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Horizontality: Collective Management in Democratic Workplaces

This one-page handout includes tips for how to integrate leadership into your structure utilizing mentorship, skill building, cooperative education, delegation, and self awareness.

Agenda Template

This template provides a simple and easy-to-use format for setting meeting agendas and taking notes in democratic workplaces. Feel free to tailor to the needs of your group!

Group Roles

This two-page handout provides an overview of positive and negative roles that members of a group can play when engaged in decision-making, meetings, or collective management.